Ride to Manavya

Manavya Flyer_EB


This was a one day ride, which we did, since the distance was short. We reached Manavya at around 12pm. Kids welcomed us with a big smile. We were not tired, we never would be. Coupled with fun and some info about the NGO, lunch was simple and POTBHAR. Akshay Gadre, our singer friend did dhamal karaoke session with the kids!

The amount raised was used / will be used for solar energy management infrastructure maintenance. We collected a total of Rs 43880.

Here is the Appreciation letter as well as receipt.

Manavya Letter

Big thanks for Sheikh sir and Lawate madam for constant support. Here are some of the promotional posts which we did in order to encourage knowledge sharing and awareness towards HIV AIDS

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Today we are happy to complete the loop for Manavya . We have received a detailed report of expenses of the donated money. Thanks a lot Manavya.

Expenses Report By Manavya


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