Ride to support Water Harvesting Project

The ride this time was special and will be remembered for a long long time. Some of the reasons to support it are listed below –

  1. The cause for different – water Harvesting (for a village)
  2. The distance – 76 kms one way | So the total riding was 152 kms
  3. Summer and Huge Ghat at the end – it is a 13km ghat (uphill)
  4. We actively participated and did shramadan. (Helped villagers at the site)
  5. Amount we aimed at was the highest till now (details in the write-up below)

As mentioned in our earlier post – this is a terrain which is in the hills of Mandhardevi and there is acute shortage of water , where people have to walk 4-5kms to fetch potable / usable water. Water harvesting was the only solution, by research and continuous visits by Sevavardhini, they decided to support the village. It was surprising to see all the villagers well informed and hard working towards one aim of having water nearby.

As we have been doing photo-stories which depict the riding experience more aptly, we wish to highlight some high impact (value pointers) which enabled the entire project and thus allowing us to earn unlimited blessings :

  1. Donation amount collected 1,05,000 Rs for the project. The total costing is/was expected to be 6.5-7L . Off which , 5L was already sponsored. The exact cost sheet of the project will be uploaded soon.
  2. We volunteered for Shramadan, and had a wonderful evening helping the villagers in clearing up the stones/mud from the site
  3. Government officials present during the ceremony, gave a positive nod for 3 schemes, which will help the villagers with some money for the work they are doing, it will help the project by having raw material needed and the last one sanctioned was road to be built from the village to the harvesting site.
  4. We enjoyed interaction with the villagers, staying at a beautiful house there was quite an experience
  5. Met Jana – who is a national award winning athlete – we all are awestruck by the way she presents her self, very humbled and shy girl who has achieved so much in her life (We will be writing a post on this soon)
  6. Active participation and impeccable coordination by SevaVardhini – We would like to thank and appreciate all the members of SevaVardhini for helping us on all the grounds. You guys are champions!

Below is the Photo-Essay with short stories tied up with all the moments.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is the Appreciation letter given to EarnBlessings by SevaVardhini 🙂


We would like to say THANK YOU to all who supported us! Keep smiling, Keep Earning Blessings!


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